Creative content & solutions for virtual reality and 360º-video

Donkey Hotel was founded by a group of award-winning filmmakers. Our team features Sundance winners, Oscar nominees and multiple Finnish Film Award winners. Now we tell stories in VR and 360º.

We offer

outstanding storytelling

full 360/VR production line

customizable 360

innovative VR solutions

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Meet the team

  • Sami Jahnukainen

    Sami Jahnukainen

    head of development


    +358 40 731 4354

  • Arthur Franck

    Arthur Franck

    creative director


    +358 44 280 6894

  • Marton Jelinko

    Marton Jelinko

    head of production / DoP


    +358 40 526 0545

  • Jenni Toivoniemi

    Jenni Toivoniemi

    director & screenwriter

  • Kirsikka Saari

    Kirsikka Saari


  • Selma Vilhunen

    Selma Vilhunen


  • Selma Vilhunen



    +358 44 280 6894

  • Selma Vilhunen

    Jukka Kärkkäinen


  • Jenni Toivoniemi

    Janne Isosävi


  • Kirsikka Saari

    Serdar Ferit

    director / producer

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